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  • The New York Times - March 5, 2010
    "Ahoy From Nudes, a Pirate and Scrooge McDuck" by Ken Johnson

    "...Galleria d'Arte Maggiore has a beautiful show of paintings and etchings by Giorgio Morandi"

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  • La Repubblica - July 15, 2012
    "The universe of Giorgio de Chirico among labyrinths, squares and classical antiquity" by Dario Pappalardo

    The Giorgio de Chirico exibition curated by Luigi Cavallo and Franco Calarota at Museum Centro Saint-Bénin in Aosta

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  • Corriere della Sera - January 22, 2012
    "Chia, ironic explosive freedom" by Maura Pozzati

    Galleria Maggiore. Besides the paintings, works made of ceramic are exhibited

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  • Bloomberg - March 3, 2012
    "Armory Show Spills Art Over Two Huge Piers: Our Guide" by Katya Kazakina

    "The booth of Italy’s Galleria d’Arte Maggiore G.A.M. feels like a tiny museum, with paintings by Leger, Delvaux, Magritte and Morandi"

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  • Fool Magazine - February 2011
    "The big apple that leads the way" by Benedetta Bagni

    "...we have interviewed Franco Calarota, founder of the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore who partecipates every year at The Armory Show"

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  • Artinfo.com - May 15, 2012
    "ART HK 2012 Ups Its Game, Drawing Museum-Quality Work and Logging Plenty of Sales" by Madeleine O'Dea

    "The [...] description “museum quality” could even be fairly applied to some of the galleries’ presentations. Particularly notable in this category was Galleria d'Arte Maggiore with Giorgio Morandi"

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  • Milano Finanza - October 13, 2012
    "Frieze bets also on Masters" by Alberto Fiz

    "Among the Italians, [...] Maggiore stands out"

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  • Il Giornale dell'Arte - September 2012
    "«Maggiore» (it is a wordplay, in italian «Maggiore» means also the best) since it works very actively all over the world" by Sandro Parmiggiani

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  • Wall Street Journal - January 24, 2013
    "Giorgio Morandi. Lines of Poetry"

    "Organized in collaboration with Galleria d'Arte Maggiore, and with loans from a number of private collections [...], Lines of Poetry focuses on works on paper."

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