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  • The New York Times March 9, 2012
    "The Old New Here, the New New There" by Ken Johnson

    "...there are some fine things, most notably an excellent display of subtle, deceptively modest but tough still lfes and landscapes - paintings, watercolors and etchings - by the beloved Giorgio Morandi at Galleria d'Arte Maggiore".

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  • AD Architectural Digest - January 2002
    "Histories of art and beauty. For Franco Calarota of Galleria d'Arte Maggiore you have to love first, then to buy"

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  • International Herald Tribune - April 30 1999 / May 2 1999
    "Piling up Ferraris"

    "...The five-meter-tall pile of bronze replicas of Ferrari F40 models, created by French sculptur Arman is the first monument ever dedicated to the car itself..."

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  • The Art Newspaper - June 2012
    "How to remain the «Maggiore» (it is a wordplay, in italian «Maggiore» means also the best).
    New spaces and important fairs in order to take Morandi and De Chirico from New York to Hong Kong: the plans of Franco and Roberta Calarota and of their daughter Alessia" by Franco Fanelli

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  • Connaissance des Arts February 2009
    "De Chirico or the loneliness of signes" by Manuel Jover

    "...the exhibition at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris shows all the developments of the artist."

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  • Il Sole 24 Ore - March 27, 2009
    "Morandi solid and growing on the international market" by Marilena Pirrelli

    Interview with Franco Calarota, chairman of Galleria d'Arte Maggiore

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  • Inside Art - February 2012
    "GAM between Chia and Paris" by Lorenzo Paolini

    Dialogue with Franco Calarota, soul of Galleria d'Arte Maggiore in Bologna with Roberta and Alessia.

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  • Flash Art - November 2012
    "Roberto Sebastian Matta. Galleria d'Arte Maggiore - Bologna" by Fabiola Naldi

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  • Panorama - Aprile 29 1999
    "Ferrari first 28 times (on the monument)"

    "...Arman with the galerist Roberta Calarota [...] and Franco Calarota, owner of Galleria d'Arte Maggiore in Bologna and promoter of the venture..."

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