Gino Severini
The emotion and the rule

Fondazione Magnani Rocca
Mamiano di Traversetolo - Parma

March 19 – July 3 2016

Galleria d'Arte Maggiore G.A.M. is delighted to collaborate with important loans of Gino Severini's works.

From Divisionism to Futurism, from Cubism to Classicism. Severini’s creatives seasons at Villa dei Capolavori, through 100 works, among which 25 never shown in Italy before.

The exhibition at Magnani Rocca Foundation in Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma) from March 19 to July 3 2016, curated by Daniela Fonti and Stefano Roffi, intends to celebrate Gino Severini’s whole activity – pupil of Giacomo Balla, to whom the Foundation has recently mounted an exhibition of resounding success. The exhibition will not focus just on the period of Severini’s adhesion to Futurism and Cubism, which would be followed by interesting phases, but not crucial, for Twentieth century artistic language, according to some evaluations made by critics. As the matter of fact, it is unanimous the awareness that Severini’s artistic path follows, in its entirety, the perfect development as Twentieth century protagonist, exactly in its subdivision and in the troubled research of the “perfection in contemporaneity”. At first Severini was attracted to avant-garde’s linguistic break, then concentrated on research of harmonious balance, derived by classical inspiration, but not a meaningless classicist, which will characterize every following season: starting with the rigorous golden section, developed between the ’20th and the ’30th, proceeding with a pictorially more free and extroverted season during the ’40th, to the ’50th and 60th’s neo-Cubism and neo-Futurism recoveries.

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