Transversal yet universal
Artists from XX and XXI Century in comparison

April - June 2016

After the great success of Andy Warhol's exhibition and Robert Indiana's solo show, and after the participation to some of the most important international art fairs such as The Armory Show in New York, Art Basel Hong Kong and Miart in Milan, G.A.M. Galleria d'Arte Maggiore shows in its exhibition spaces in Bologna a transversal exposition that recalls the history of art from the XXth Century to our days, displaying some of its most important exponents. From Giorgio de Chirico and Giorgio Morandi to René Magritte and Wassily Kandinsky, to Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana moving to Pablo Echaurren, Sandro Chia, Mattia Moreni, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Arman and Bertozzi & Casoni, the exhibition intends to offer a general overview of the major contemporary artistic tendencies through a proposal of paintings and sculptures together, fully respecting both an aestetical and historical harmony.

An incisive summary, focused combinations and strong contrasts, this is the essence of the new exhibition promoted by G.A.M. Galleria d'Arte Maggiore of Bologna. Significant artists always supported by the Gallery now share the same exhibition space and alternate themselves like their own artistic tendencies.

Among the selected artists great Masters stand out like Giorgio Morandi, Giorgio de Chirico, René Magritte and Wassily Kandinsky, and more contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana, to Georges Mathieu, Pablo Echaurren and Mattia Moreni, just to mention some of them. Giorgio de Chirico is well represented by some artworks that range from the 20's to the 40's in which a metaphysical mood of mitical past revival can be felt. Regarding Giorgio Morandi, artist the gallery is specialized in being an international reference for his art, some refined examples of still lives by can be admired. Precious artworks, like a piece from 1931 of Wassily Kandinsky and an enigmatic oil by René Magritte, complete the section dedicated to historical works from which the show moves towards more contemporary tendencies. In the exposition it is in fact then proposed an analysis on American Pop Art through a selection of iconic works of two of his major leaders: Robert Indiana and Andy Warhol, offering different points of view from which looking at the stereotyped images of the consumistic society of that time. Not less interesting the artworks of Georges Mathieu, exponent of the Lyric Abstractism and the Informal, as it was Mattia Moreni of whom, however, it is highlighted the last phase of his production focused on the relationship between man/humanoid-machine. An homage to Moreni could not be missed in such an important year for this artist. The Gallery works also as the Mattia Moreni's Archive and has presented on April 8th the Catalogue Raisonné of his works, curated by Prof. Enrico Crispolti, in the prestigious Sala della Passione of Brera Pinacoteca. Another significant artist seleceted for the show is Pablo Echaurren, now protagonist of an important solo exhibition at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome and then in June at the MAC in Santiago, Chile. A focus on pottery integrates the exhibition. This is a material the Gallery has always dedicated much attention to as it is testified by the long-lasting collaboration with the Muso Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza. A malleable material, used by Arman, Bertozzi & Casoni and Sandro Chia in an endless innovative artistic research.

From Metaphysical, going through the Abstract Expressionism to reach American Pop Art, this exhibition is characterized by variegated proposals deeply linked together, from an historical-artistic point of view but also for the goals that the Gallery has always setted itself and for the passion that it has showed towards these artists and these tendencies, from the beginning of its activity to our days.

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