From Magritte to Warhol
from De Chirico to Sissi

13 October - 24 November 2018

After Roberto Sebastian Matta, one of the Surrealism's fathers, Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. is pleased to host in its historical venue in Bologna an exhibition of the greatest artists of XX and XXI centuries. Among these, a particular attention will be focused on Giorgio Morandi. The Gallery is the international point of reference for the market and the cultural promotion for this artist and will organize a great retrospective after this show. Besides him, a selection of masters will be exhibited, whose works contributed significantly to the history of contemporary art: Giorgio de Chirico, René Magritte, Paul Delvaux, Joan Mirò, Pablo Picasso, Arman, Andy Warhol, Georges Mathieu, Leoncillo Leonardi and works from the aforementioned Roberto Sebastian Matta. The show is completed by artists who are playing a more and more important role in the contemporary art scene: Sissi, Mattia Moreni, Antoni Clavè, Pablo Echaurren and Pirro Cuniberti.

Before the next great exhibition focused on Giorgio Morandi to celebrate the first forty years of the Gallery - the artist who stated that nothing is more abstract than reality and who managed to show, in a formal balance of lights, colours and spaces, the significant intensity of everyday's life - Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. presents a selection of works belonging to different artistic movements, but connected one to each other. From the metaphysical oils by Giorgio de Chirico to the the Surrealism, seen through the hermetic detachment of René Magritte and Paul Delvaux's renewed classicism, whose works establish a magnificent dialogue with his predecessors. Among the fathers of the Surrealism, Roberto Sebastian Matta is perfectly included into this context and his famous inscapes guide gradually to new developments of styles and movements. So, we come to Joan Mirò's poetic paintings, showing its artistic game of simplified shapes and colours which, however, always have and emotional involvement and content. An important part of the exhibition will be dedicated to the informal period, well represented by the lyrical abstraction of Georges Mathieu. His canvases are free from the dogmas to which they were previously subjected, giving space to a more liberal poetics, strictly connected to the communicative emergency of the second postwar period. Mattia Moreni is another essential master of the Informal movement. The Gallery is the Archive of this artist, who fully lived several last century's important moments, traceable in his artistic path rich of turning points. Leoncillo Leonardi allows us to appreciate the Informal movement declined through the clay. His aesthetic identity shines through the plasticity of his works: naked but full of tension. The Gallery works as the Archive also of Leoncillo. The exhibition will be completed by the vibrant vitality of Pablo Picasso's hand and Antoni Clavè, whose work was greatly influenced by his meeting with the painter of Malaga. The show continues with Arman and his famous accumulations, perfect examples of the Nouveau Réalisme, moving then to Andy Warhol's Pop Art, always provocative and with a sharp aesthetic. This journey ends crossing the lively tones of Pablo Echaurren – whose works create a short circuit between “high” and “low”, between references to the great history of art with the world of the comics – and the imaginary alphabets of the delicate works on paper by Pirro Cuniberti, till the continuos and personal research around the theme of “emotional anatomy” by Sissi.

The aim of the exhibition is to harmonize in a symphony of artistic trends and perceptions the different aesthetics of the artists, creating an ordered labyrinth, where unexpected combinations give rise to emotional paths in some way connected with the ancestral emotionality of the audience.

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