Galleria d'Arte Maggiore G.A.M. was founded in 1978 by Franco and Roberta Calarota who have established the prestige of the gallery on the international scene throught a permanent collection of high-quality works of the XX Century's Masters. Their daughter Alessia Calarota has joined the Gallery becoming its director in september 2011 linking the tradition with a new perspective. With an innovative attitude the aim of the exhibitions proposed right now in the main location of Galleria d'Arte Maggiore in Bologna – Italy - is to show how Modern Art has influenced Contemporary Art.
From the beginning Galleria d'Arte Maggiore G.A.M. has always dealt with two fundamental aspects of the art world: the market and the institutional promotion. In this way Galleria d'Arte Maggiore G.A.M. has developed important collaborative relationships with Museums and Institutions in Italy and abroad which give evidence of the high-quality art works present in its collection. Meanwhile on the market side Galleria d'Arte Maggiore is taking part to a selection of the most important art fairs in the world.

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